The days after the Camino

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"Le chemin des vignes", the vineyear's camino"

"Le chemin des vignes", the vineyear's camino"

Back from the Camino.... after the euphoria of " I managed" come the depressing days of "no more walking the Camino", The restless legs syndrome. The first day is OK. Hairdresser, peeling, etc... becoming a human being again takes much energy. Day two: the absolute need to walk is too tempting even if it is pouring rain. My cold is definitely not getting better. Day three: a pedicure  (one of these medical pro one) and the feet feel like it is no problem to start again. It is becoming urgent to buy new walking sandals and new walking shoes. Only the best is good enough, of course. 

A visit in town shows that the Camino syndrome is acute. I have not visited the cathedral in Sion since my confirmation (9 years old). I feel like a new visit is a must. No stamp.... the cathedral is actually very nice, no gold and pretentious stuff, just nice and calm. I actually need some calm, it is hard to be among stressed people. It remains me that during the Camino, A voice told me to visit the sanctuary of Longeborgne. People come as pilgrim to this place and I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE🤔 

Day 4, I decide on "The wineyeard's camino", The closest to a Camino I could find. From there I could observe Longeborgne on the other side of the valley. Longeborgne is calling. I have to go. And I do it. The place is very strange. It is still today some eremit living there. Loads of energy and calm. There is a woman there who comes and talk to me. She asks if I come often. We chatt and leave together and we decide on having a drink on a terrass on the way down. It was a bit like being on the Camino...

I feel like going there again... well maybe tomorrow... What a strange disease that Camino has become.... after 15 days walk, I could still not understand people who walk the Camino many times and now I'm already planning the next.

The pilgrimage of Longeborgne, Valais, switzerlandThe pilgrimage of Longeborgne, Valais, switzerland

The pilgrimage of Longeborgne, Valais, switzerland



Feels good directly

Feels good directly

"The wineyeard Camino""The wineyeard Camino"

"The wineyeard Camino"

"Along the Camino", yellow marks, but no arrows..."Along the Camino", yellow marks, but no arrows...

"Along the Camino", yellow marks, but no arrows...

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