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Lires/ NEMINA beach

Lires/ NEMINA beach

21 km beautiful day. 

We started quite late around 9 O'clock as today's walk was only 14 km. The plan was to walk to Lires and to stay there for the night. My apprentice pilgrim (Tore) and myself followed the arrows as usual and came after 10km of nice forest walk to a sign :"Muxia by the coast, panoramic bar by Lires beach, tapas and drinks." Sounds very nice and it was. So, no worries about following arrows anymore. It was as delightful as promised and the walking on the beach was wonderful. To note that to come to the beach, we had to cross a river (risking our lives several times, risking to drown etc... according to the apprentice pilgrim). We made it anyhow (barely ... says the apptentuce)

But, it is always a but, we had past Lires and the Camino was not there anymore. Lost. It was some accommodations further on according to booking and we tried. We were very well receveidcby the owners. They wondered how we had found the place!! We were lucky, they cooked for us and drove us back to the Camino the day after.

What was supposed to be a 14 km became 21 km and it was much for an inexperienced pilgrim.

I must reluctantly admit that Tore did well for a first day. It was a bit of an adventure as well.

Along the wayAlong the way

Along the way

Crossing the riverCrossing the river

Crossing the river

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