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Lighthouse in Fisterra

Lighthouse in Fisterra

8 km. Beautifull weather

Now time to initiate my husband Tore to the joy of pilgrimage. As it is hard to find somebody less trained, we begin with taking the buss to Fisterra. The Goal is visiting the lighthouse and the village of Fisterra. Once upon a time, pilgrims visited Fisterra (The end of the world ) and burnt all their pilgrim clothes. Nowadays, it is forbidden. To many small fires everywhere.

I had booked a hotel 600 meters from the centre of town. It was not written that it was 600meters upp😁😁. And check in time was 15 O' clock.  So, we headed for the lighthouse....complains about why it was necessary to walk when there were busses driving there. But well, it went Ok and the few kilometers were accepted. 

Nice view from the lighthouse but frankly not much too see, the same with Fisterra. Overrated, I would say.. 

Anyway, Tore got some exercise before Tomorrow's 14 km.

Laundry in Fisterra/ on the way to the lighthouseLaundry in Fisterra/ on the way to the lighthouse

Laundry in Fisterra/ on the way to the lighthouse

A pilgrim

A pilgrim

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