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The 50 km signs / only 28 km in the end of the day

The 50 km signs / only 28 km in the end of the day

32 km warm blue sky most the day. It took around 8 hours to get there.

Last morning on the Camino del Norte . Today in Arzua, we are meeting the Camino Frances with its hordes of "100" kilometers pilgrims. The white legs bunch as we call them. We have become Camino snobs, no doubt about it. As one of my companion (an Englishman) put it : "we cannot compare ourselves with that sorry lot". We have done the Camino del Norte integrally. The most challenging Camino. We are not going to mix with the others who stay in ARZUA.

In fact, the choice of Salceda was a strategic move to enter Compostella at around 14 h the day after. My husband Tore was supposed to meet me here in Salceda and take the buss or Taxi to Compostella the day after. Well everything went wrong. His flight was cancelled in Danmark, my hotel room was suddenly unavailable, so after loads of complains, I managed to get a bed in the albergue. The same companion from England thought it was a direct punishment from God because I found the cisterian monastery ugly.....

Well, a challenging day and a cold coming (due to the day in the rain). 

We all decide to go to bed early as tomorrow is such an important day... coming to Compostella


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