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26 km it begin to rain extremely heavily and constantly after 1 hour walk and until I arrived. 20 degrees. It took 6 hours to reach. Totally drenched.

The French expression to be soaked to the bones has got a new meaning. I have never ever been so totally drenched as that day. Absolutely everything was wet. I came at destination around two O'clock. We were supposed to sleep in a monastery dating from ages ago. The first custodian monastery in Spain. The structure might be old by everything that is old is not necessarily beautiful. I found it ugly. A english guy I walk with told me I should be struck by lightning just to say so. Well, the all idea to sleep in there was not inspiring. I decided to take a hotel. Did not even ask for the price. The lady was nice. She did not say a word about water dripping everywhere. I was so cold and miserable. A hot shower, some clothes that were damp but wet and life is OK again.

It was the right decision to not stay in the monastery. My friends who stayed there said that it was cold and damp.

Early morning before the rain

Early morning before the rain

The monastery, the rainThe monastery, the rain

The monastery, the rain

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