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6h30 on the camino

6h30 on the camino

36 km beautiful weather 29 at 12 O 'clock. 24 later on. It took 9 hours to reach destination.

 Early start for a few, I included. 6 O'clock on track... could not see a thing and the pocket lamp was somewhere. Notice, that nobody had a pocket lamp either. 

Gorgeous morning on the Camino.😁 The track was very nice in the forest, fantastic. The four of us walking together that day came to baamore. It is a church worth visiting in this village. Closed as usual and nowhere to get our credential stamped because we have reached a milestone 100 kilometre left to Santiago😁😁😁😁😁😁

I decided to walk by myself, my companions wanting to come to the albergue very fast while I wanted to it easy and take pictures. The time did not move in that region, it feels like the beginning of the last century. Incredible calm and peaceful. I managed there finally...

Tomorrow, the highest bit of the all Camino...


100 km left to compostella/ pilgrim signs 100 km left to compostella/ pilgrim signs

100 km left to compostella/ pilgrim signs

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Gina Olofsson 26/05/2017 12:23

Only 100km to go!?

Dominique Bengtsson 26/05/2017 19:08

Less today it is 59