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Cows could be in sweden

Cows could be in sweden

22 km. Extremely hot around 12 O'clock and on. 32 degrees.....It took 7 hours to walk to destination and it was a dehydrated and tired pilgrim arriving.

Very nice walk today. Really countryside. Women with scarf on the head, clothes that I recognise from my grandmother's time and rubber boots. The women I met tending a few cows looked 70 years old but were probably 50. Like coming back to another age. Very peaceful and attractive landscape. 

But so warm . 29 degrees and I who left nicely at 8h 00 as it was such a short walk....well , we are in a private albergue and tomorrow it will be 36 km to walk. Very worried pilgrims. The motto is leaving by 6h00. Everybody has set up alarmclocks and we have promised to help each other to start the day. ... 

So 21h00 bedtime for pilgrim Dominique and all the others..


Today's caminoToday's camino

Today's camino

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