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The cathedral of Mondoneo

The cathedral of Mondoneo

25 km. Blue sky medium warm (around 22) it took 8 hours to get there. Can we say that the way was only up?

A long day. No ups and downs only up, up, up.

First stop after 8 km. Mondoneo.  An old nice little town with a real big cathedral. Old (don't ask how old, no idea but old.). On the way in to town, there is an automate selling all kind of staff for pilgrims. It is obvious that we are coming closer to Santiago di Compostella. I wanted to buy a Coca Cola (I have to be careful, I begin to be addicted to the stuff). And to my big surprise, a lot of the items sold were kind of unusual.


I walked with a business orientated pilgrim and we had big plans about items we could sell and how we could "help" pilgrims to send things home, etc... we spent many hours designing products, style pilgrims soaps, pilgrim perfumes ( to smell as bad as the others if you have taken a taxi instead of walking) etc... but MY mind was really pure (I cannot talk for  the other pilgrim but I hope his mind was ad pure as mine). It means that I was NOT prepared for the pilgrims automate.

I was at first speechless  (I know, it does not happen often), then admirative and then annoyed at myself not to have thought about it!!! If you blow up the pictures ( might be a poor choice of word), you will see between compeeds and the solar cream, a blow up doll, mini-format, low weight (less than a rain poncho) and other sex gadgets in different models and sizes (light, no oversize here, we have to carry the stuff). All for the lonely pilgrim. Even vibrating rings??? (Was tempted to buy just to check out but I was not alone). Some items were sold out. Well, we will have to revise the business concept, I guess.

Check out the pictures, sorry for the bad quality, sunshine in the wrong direction...


The Camino automated shop

The Camino automated shop

The items soldThe items sold

The items sold

Otherwise, I stopped in a very nice new opened albergue. When I came into town, I passed in front of the "Official albergue". Some pilgrims, I know called out for me and tried to convince me to stay. Good, I did not listen. Everything was new in this private albergue. New room with real bedsheets and a towel!!! Then a meal in town... The simple pleasures of life.


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