DAY 40 La Caridad / Ribadeo

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25,5 km blue sky up to 25 degrees it took 7 hours to reach

Not too speedy today. It was a gorgeous day. We were the last to leave at the hostel and the nature was beautiful. We have had that kind of sceneries before but today was special. For a whole hour, I felt alive, a hallelujah feeling. I felt like a PILGRIM.. of course and fortunately, it did not last. My feet reminded me of the worldly of the whole enterprise, then I became tired and cranky.

It surprises me that instead of becoming fitter and fitter, I feel like totally untrained. One leg refuses to bend. So it is as a miserable pilgrim that I ecame to the hotel booked the day before. It was too cheap but I followed the crowd. It remains me of the horrible hotels we booked when backpacking in the 1980 th... after 15 minutes ( I had managed to spread everything I have in the backpack) came a warning from the room beside that they had found a bedbug very much alive in the bed. I was ready to pack and leave. But as a responsible pilgrim, I decided to face the adversity and to stoically sleep in that very room. I am at the moment miserably occupying the far corner of the room as long as possible from the bed. It is going to be a long night.

And we have arrived in Galicia today. It is 192 km left to Compostella....



Last day by the sea

Last day by the sea

The tired pilgrim and Ribadeo (Galicia)The tired pilgrim and Ribadeo (Galicia)

The tired pilgrim and Ribadeo (Galicia)

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