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25 km by the road (most of of it) pouring rain 16 degrees. 5 hours to get there.

We decided to get to CADAVEDO as soon as possible. At 6 h30 in the morning we were on the road. At 7h in the morning we were splatching in a new mud bath even worse than the day before. As soon as we got back to the road, we unanimously decided to follow the road. Boring and longer but we got there already at 12 h . 

We also decided on renting an appartemento. Two bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms and washing machine. We went to buy food and COOKED. Delicious. And we rested.

I have got some bad cuts from that sandals walking in mud today. Open cuts deep and bleeding. I am sure that it is not compatible with mud bath. Might end up with a septicemia. The occasion to visit the hospital and check their working methods maybe.

I am anyway proud that we did not take the buss. I must admit that the idea was tempting...

The mud bath

The mud bath

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