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15 km rain cold a Real pain. And took the wrong road AGAIN (we were 4 people not paying attention). 4 km by buss.

Departure for Bilbao in the rain. We are 4 women, Viviane from New-Zealand, Harriet from England, Harriem from the Nederland and I. And we manage to miss some marks😥 There are 2 solutions: 1. Go back 1 km and continue 2. Take the buss marked Bilbao passing exactly were we are.

2 persons decided on walking back and 2 to take the buss. I guess that I do not need to tell in what group I was (and i do not have the slightest remorse).

Now Bilbao, capital of the tapas and pinxtos. Look at the picture under. This picture of tapas was taken in a bar when waiting for the hostel to open. We stayed at least one hour looking at the people eating and ordering tapas. Very artistic isn't it? But the question is: is it hygienical? In one hour at least 40 people had time to talk, spit , have cough attack... etc. on the tapas. A new form of vaccination? 

Well anyway, I am not eating that stuff anymore and look well next time you are going to Spain!

Good night


Tapas in a bar

Tapas in a bar

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