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Here is everything that I plan to take with me. Too much?

Here is everything that I plan to take with me. Too much?


For the first time ever, I have only high quality material, light, durable, warm when it should and cool if warm.

The question is, is it too much? did I forget something? I wait for your comments and suggestions. It feels like I have taken too many clothes but I’m really afraid to be cold. I can always send back the surplus when it is starts to be warmer. The all lot weights 7 kilos including the clothes I will be wearing. But of course, I will have to carry the water.

Here is the list:

2 sleeveless T-shirt (merino wool) (don’t smell and do not need every day washing according to the sale women, tried and approved)

1 short arm T-shirt (merino wool)

1 long sleeves light jumper (merino wool)

1 fleece jacket

1 light jacket

1 sleeveless down jacket (extremely light 110 grams)

1 poncho ultra-resistant to rain (according to the sale women money back if I get wet, yes I know, I am gullible, but if you had seen the price, you would also believe that it has to be true.)

1 pair of zip-off trousers

1 pair of shorts

1 pair of ultralight walking knee long trousers

3 pairs of socks

1 pair running pants (supposed to be used as pajama and/or under my trousers if really cold in the mountains, I leave in April. Could be used as swimming equipment, cannot call it a bikini directly if the weather permits)


1 hat

1 pair of walking shoes ultralight

1 pair of sunglasses

Other Equipment:

1 backpack from nature et découverte 50 liters (ultralight, the latest technology, 950 grams. It is what I call progress)

1 pack in the pocket day bag (when the walk is finished for the day and visiting the town, 37 grams!)

1 sleeping bag 450 grams (supposed to be needed as the blankets are banished in pilgrim hostels, bedbugs, my little friends have been a problem. They absolutely love me, probably due to my high blood quality that or the opposite, I prefer not to speculate but the first alternative sounds nice.)

1 bedsheet (my only compromise in weight, I cannot sleep in silk, gives me goose pimples, I wonder if bedbugs dislike silk, in that case, silk is an option, somebody knows????)

1 air pillow Swiss quality (70 gr) and feeling like a real one, the price also according to the quality).

1 towel extra fast drying.

1 toilet bag waterproof, ultralight and the minimum in it, probably get some shampoo and stuff in hotels (occasionally).

1 miniature sewing kit (can come handy but more as an amulet, nothing happens if you have it with you, the same principle as the rain jacquet).

1 authentic Swiss army knife (the survival model)

1 pharmacy bag (not much in it, I don’t plan to be sick and I have extra disease and accident insurance)

1 water poach 2 liters

1 guide book and 3 “pilgrim credential”

1 pair of washable (impossible to lose) ear plugs

1 portable telephone and 1 loader

1 stone for the Cruz di ferro in Spain. Pilgrims are supposed to leave a stone from home. See picture of the hill of stones under

Missing so far

1 pair of sticks (will buy Swiss quality in the same rip off shop as the poncho and the backpack. I love that shop, my absolute favorite.)

1 extra charger for the telephone

1 extra camera, cannot stand to take pictures with a phone

1 pair of light sandals to relieve the poor feet in the evening.

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Marta 13/03/2017 10:25

It is evident that are ready for the Camino. Good luck!

Carina Lindqvist Ivarsson 06/03/2017 17:49